The Transformation

I first visited Faith Christian Center in the summer of 2017. Even though it immediately felt like home, (and I knew it was meant to be because who finds out about a church via online dating!), I moonlighted two months before joining. I have grown by leaps and bounds at this church. Pastors Sean & Erica have single-handedly eliminated the church hurt experienced from my own past, which is why I love our vision of “Changing The Way People See Church”. That’s exactly how it occurred for me!

After experiencing my own transformation, there was no way I could NOT be a part of transforming our community! It would be selfish not to share the blessings I’d received, so without hesitation I immediately pledged the maximum of $2,000. This was definitely a testament of faith because my current situation is divorced, an adult son moving out ($500.00 drop in my household income), and a job with a minimum of 72 hours and even those hours are being cut.

Before arriving at FCC, I would have worried about all of these changes happening in my life and not given EXTRA in fear of not making ends meet. I turned in my pledge card the first day and since then I was referred to a job I didn’t even know was open. I interviewed Monday of this week and was called with a job offer Thursday! Although my salary will remain the same, I will receive an additional 8 hours per pay period that will cover my monthly donation for the CTS campaign!

I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is all God!