Praise God For The Vision

I moved to Arizona from Chicago in October 2017. My childhood friend attends FCC but also my pastor from Chicago is from Detroit, MI, Rev Joseph Gordon, who let me know I was in a good place. I continue to come to service and after 5 months I joined. The Spirit had designated in me that this will be my new home.

I’ve always been a cheerful giver and participating in anything positive has always been my agenda. I am engaged to be married next year. When the CTS campaign was announced I immediately fill out the card. It gave me a sense of peace to be a new member and be part of this project of my new church and future. I am a carpenter and massage therapist who wants to own my own business next year. This participation in CTS for me is sacrificial and discipline but most of all praising and thanking God for someone else’s vision & dream to come true. My gratefulness in someone else’s blessing gives me the pleasure of more peace and joy, so when it’s my turn I can be humble in my own vision. Thank You FCC for having me.