God’s Timing Is Excellent

I knew I was going to participate in CTS well before I turned in my pledge card because I believe in the vision of FCC. However, I’ll admit I was uncertain about how much I was going to pledging. During this time, our family was down from two working vehicles to just one. Also, my husband lost his job in December and was actively looking for employment, interviewing with large companies in the valley with no offers. We decided to withdraw my 4 year old daughter from Montessori in January and we determined that my husband would watch her during the day and then use the family car to work at night. Not the best situation – and we are still sharing one vehicle.

God is good and his timing is excellent. Around February, I was gifted a second vehicle, at no cost. In addition, in order to operate this car I had to learn how to drive a manual transmission, which has been a private and personal dream of mine! So now we’re back up to a two car family. Praise God! I submitted my pledge form. Shortly after being passed up again for a position with a large financial institution in the valley, the same company, different department, called my husband in to interview for another role with the organization and he got the position. My daughter is back in school during the day and I thank and praise God for reminding me that He is, of course, omnipotent and in control. I’m so thankful for FCC and for the vision of this Church.