God Is Always At Work

I love God, FCC, and the CTS vision. I’m excited just thinking about our future. I was onboard with giving from the start. However, I convinced myself I was not sure how much the Lord wanted me to give. So I took the easy route and gave the minimum. With the plan to give more throughout the remainder of the year.

Thankfully God knows our heart. God helped me to double my contribution. At the time I called it a mistake, an accident when I went online and gave twice. When I discovered what happened I had to laugh. Knowing the conversation I was having with God around the amount I felt comfortable in giving. I’m glad things worked out as they did. I got to see God at work as always, providing, meeting every need, and stretching me to trust him more and more.

Thank you for the reminder to continue to support the CTS Campaign. God Bless!