Debt Release

Back in August 2016, during FCC’s Health Month, we read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”. The book had been sitting on our bookshelf for at least a year prior. (My husband won it during an FCC giveaway.) Nonetheless, we read the book within a matter of days and made the decision to get out of debt.

Fast forward to May 2017…we were made aware of a debt relinquishment program that we qualified for through the AZ Attorney General’s office because of a company’s unethical business practices. We only had a matter of days to get all of the necessary paperwork together by the deadline. (Throughout this time, we are still chipping away at our debt. And the shopper in me was getting VERY uncomfortable.) We managed to get all of the documents in by the deadline. We remained obedient about paying off and not acquiring any more debt.

We received our letter dated March 13, 2018, stating that we had been released of the $33K debt AND We were informed that we would NOT receive a 1099. It would be just as if we never did business with the company. Almost 3 weeks later the announcement was made that we would be “Crossing the Street”. For us it was a no-brainer to participate and give the equivalent of at least 2 families as it pales in comparison to what God freed up for us each month as a result of the debt cancellation.

We also have a contract on some real estate that we are selling that was scheduled to close on (4/25). Finally, yesterday I was presented with an opportunity to contract with a client. This opportunity would give me a couple of options. 1.) It would allow me to double my current monthly income (if I decided to stay on my current job). OR 2.) It would replace my current income and allow me to work from home (which has been a long-time desire of mine considering we will be adding to our family soon.)

We realize that the way all of the events played out was truly God teaching us and reshaping our hearts and minds so that we would be able to do what we needed to do at the right time. We are soooo excited to Cross the Street!!!!