Are you willing to trust God?

When Pastor first launched the CTS campaign, I was excited but at the same time I was wondering where was the money going to come from. When he shared the testimony about the person who filled out the pledge form for CTS and watched how God opened up doors for them to receive a promotion on their job, I heard God’s voice saying to me at that very moment…”Are you willing and are you ready for me to do the same in your life?” Without hesitation, I filled out my pledge form and wrote out the amount by faith for God to open the windows from heaven and pour out a blessing.

Well, long story short, I filled out the campaign pledge form and a few weeks later when I had my end of the year evaluation meeting it went exceptionally well. This past year, I’ve taken on many leadership roles on my job, without asking for anything in return. I was faithful on my job and other people started recognizing the anointing that was on my life, and my work ethics.
This year, I will receive my bonus on top of my promotion, which is thousands more than what I made last year. Not only will I be able to continue my year in my current position, I am getting other bonuses throughout the year for the leadership roles that I will be involved in such as mentoring other employees who are new to my campus along with other leadership roles, as well.

I say all of this not to brag, but hopefully to encourage someone who was just like me wondering, “How am I going to pay for this campaign when all I have is this amount in the natural?” I am here to tell you, stop trying to figure it out! God promised he will take care of his people, and my God, he is moving suddenly! Tap into the blessing! Do not miss out!!! Again, what God can do for others, certainly he can do for me and for all of us as well! My question that I will leave all the rest of you today is… “Are you willing to trust God?” I trusted God and he is opening up more doors for me that I didn’t even know were possible and it is all from me being obedient!

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